One of the most interesting new equipment was Oseir’s HiWatch CS-Q that was initially presented in the ITSC 2023 in the science section. Since then science has evolved into a unit that currently undergoes FAT’s and SAT’s with the planned release Q3 this year. Once released, CS-Q is the World’s first diagnostics equipment for Cold Spray applications that allows for continuous process monitoring and integration with the spray system.

Oseir MD Tatu Leppänen and Impact Sales Manager Sascha Bernhardt on stage

Mr. Leppänen gave a presentation focused on the benefits of continuous process control which is a feature of the CS-Q that is unparalleled in the industry. As part of the presentation, Dr. Sascha Bernhardt from Impact Innovations was interviewed regarding the integration of their spray gun to the CS-Q.

Oseir stand bustling with business

While the CS-Q was the star of the show, equally important and pleasing was to meet with the visitors and other exhibitors. Having discussions with the hundreds of specialists and other operators at the field provides valuable information e.g. for further development of our products.

Thank you sincerely to all of you whom we met at the expo and hope to see you again in the near future!


Team Oseir