Cold spray applications are becoming more and more important particularly in demanding “Manufacturing at the Point of Need” applications. Those applications can be found e.g. at the Aerospace and Defence market where the technology has already been adopted and the use of which is strongly spreading.

While there are different methods for the Cold Spray quality control in general, there is only one unit that can provide online monitoring, Oseir’s HiWatch CS-Q.

“System was developed based on the customer requests to be able to continuously monitor the spraying process. While it took considerable investment to create the solution, based on the customer feedback of this near production prototype, it seems that we have been able to create a solution to our customers that can provide them with technological and financial* advantage over current systems” Says Dr. Larjo, the lead scientist of Oseir.

CSAT 2023 presentation: HiWatch CS-Q continuous cold spray monitor

One of the objectives of the CSAT conference is “To discuss/debate the current state of the art cold spray technology, and to share data and experiences”. No wonder, Dr. Larjo’s presentation was one of the highlights of the conference.

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*being able to monitor the process continuously, can potentially have a great impact in reducing both the direct and indirect quality costs

Cold Spray Action Team