Short term lease of equipment


We can offer you various services to help your decision making


Free live demonstrations

  • Oseir can offer a short free live demonstration in your booth with your thermal spray equipment to give you a better understanding of the capability and use of the equipment.

  • Typically this consists of a presentation in a meeting room before the live demo and a discussion after the demo.

  • The total time for presentation, live demo and discussion can be 2 – 4 hours.

  • Limited availability depending on scheduling of people and equipment.



Consulting visits

  • If you wish to have a longer demonstration or get results of many different settings or processes that take longer than a free demonstration Oseir can offer consulting visits for a fee by Oseir specialist to make such measurements. Please ask for a quotation for such consulting visits.
  • We will bring the necessary equipment for the tests and provide the measurement results after the visit.

  • Limited availability depending on scheduling of people and equipment.



Short term lease of equipment

  • Oseir can offer a short term lease of the equipment depending on the availability of the equipment.

  • A prerequisite for a lease is to receive Oseir 1 – 2 day training in the use of the equipment depending on the equipment to be leased.

  • Typical minimum term of a short term lease is three months and if the customer decides to purchase the equipment after the lease period he may do so. The amount of the lease will be deducted from the purchase price.



Calibration verification and other service to equipment

  • Even if Oseir equipment is very stable and rarely requires re-calibration we can offer such service should your quality system require re-calibration at some interval.

  • Typically every two years is recommended with the older SprayWatch 2i and 3i systems and every three years with the newer SprayWatch 2S and 4S units.

  • Other services include cleaning the cameras and checking the cables etc. If spare parts are needed they will be charged separately.


How can we help you?

Please fill in the required fields in the contact form and we will be happy to provide you further information of our products. If possible, describe your need and/or intended use of the equipment so that we can provide more accurate information.

You can also contact directly our agent/distributor if available in your area. If you provide information of your location we can also direct your inquiry to the closest agent/distributor for further action.

If your application is not in our traditional thermal spray, cold spray, shotpeening or similar field but you think that our kind of technology and capabilities for process diagnostics could be applied to your process needs let us know. We will be happy to look into your need and see if we can use our equipment and software perhaps with some modifications to meet your needs?

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