At the same time when quality and environmental requirements are getting tougher, material costs are in many instances rising making the productivity and cost effectiveness ever more important topics. Against those facts, it is understandable that the interest for Oseir’s diagnostic equipment was strong in the International Thermal Spray Conference 2023 in Québec City. As pleasant as it was to meet many pleased SprayWatch and HiWatch users, it was equally fruitful to discuss with new potential customers as to how we can help them to improve their operation. As a result of the first two days of the fair, we have already been asked for a number of quotations and demo visits which we will complete in the coming weeks and months.

Oseir booth in ITSC23

Conference still continues with very interesting topics, e.g. on Thursday morning Oseir’s Dr. Larjo will present newest equipment model for cold spray diagnostics, which is the only one that can be mounted on the cold spray gun for continuous in-situ measurement. More of that in the near future. Also news from the Oseir’s side was a new team member Mr. Tatu Leppänen. He will start officially in about a months time as MD of Oseir. More of that also in the future.

ITSC is considered as the top global conference in the fields of Thermal and Cold spray.