SprayWatch G

SprayWatch G

SprayWatch G is the little brother of the other units. It is intended to be used mainly for optimization of deposition efficiency on daily basis with Plasma spraying, but can also be used to monitor Arc and Flame spraying. It measures the particle velocity, plume density and plume position, heading compared to the Plasma flame position.

Every time a Plasma system is started the flame may be in slightly different position and if this shift is not compensated for by adjusting the carrier gas then deposition efficiency is reduced as well as coating thickness control is not optimal. By adjusting the carrier gas to make sure most particles reach the “sweet spot” of the plasma flame user can maximize the DE and coating thickness control.

The camera is small and easy to mount in the booth in a fixed position where the plasma gun can be brought to check the process and optimize the settings every time before actually spraying the part to ensure best results.

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