Every now and then it is worthwhile to stop, question things and let ideas fly. This June we did exactly that when we started the strategy process at Oseir. While there are number of ways to create the strategy, it was clear from the beginning that the “Northern star” for our work was “Added value for the customer”.

Process included workshops with own team and to obtain fresh ideas we added a session with outside global business leaders. Work was extremely rewarding and gave everybody a chance to bring their knowledge to the table thus enabling us to create the best possible strategy.

Today we are happy to say that we have a clear mission, vision and strategy to execute in order to provide you, our valued customer, the best possible service!

Team Oseir

Ps. We value your opinion highly so please keep providing good ideas and requests in order to keep our strategy in line with your needs also in the future. After all, that is what we are here for!


”Enable customers to maximize their thermal and cold spray process quality and efficiency and to minimize cost and environmental stress by state-of-the-art diagnostics“


“Globally preferred partner for our customers’ process quality improvement”


Including activities and subprojects with special focus on sales and RTD


Our unparalleled technology – your customers’ peace of mind