Thermal Spraying Products

Oseir's SprayWatch product family is the solution for quality assurance and diagnostics needs of thermal spray industry. It combines the measurement of the most important particle and spray parameters into a single, inexpensive and robust system that is very easy to adapt and use. All SprayWatch systems are highly portable and can be delivered with or without a sturdy custom portable carry case for easy transportation and safe keeping.

Applying a SprayWatch system in your production, development and research can lead to drastic saves in cost, time, number of test pieces, produced scrap and necessary rework.

All SprayWatch systems, except SprayWatch G, measure particle velocity, temperature as well as the spray plume position, heading, width, divergence and flux. All SprayWatch cameras have purged air input port for camera cooling as well as to keep a slight over pressure inside the camera to keep dust out and the air is directed in front of the window to help keep it clean from dust.

The key benefits of using SprayWatch diagnostics system are: