SprayWatch G

SprayWatch G is a low cost solution with more limited capabilities mainly intended for daily process optimization in APS plasma and arc spraying processes. It does not measure particle temperature but should catch also changes in particle temperature through other measured values. Every time a plasma process is started the relationship between the plasma flame and powder feed varies. If this variation is not compensated for then significant losses in deposition efficiency as well as coating thickness control may take place causing quality problems in production of coatings.

The SprayWatch G uses a Gigabit Ethernet camera and can use camera cable lengths up to 100 meters. SprayWatch G can also be connected directly to a laptop making this system very portable again. Using standard local area network components it is possible to connect up to 16 SprayWatch G cameras into a single computer to collect the data into a single computer from all those cameras.

In some cases it may be preferable to measure the spray process simultaneously from two sides, top and side. SprayWatch G is also available as a dual system with the cameras attached into a fixture for easy installation in the booth.

SprayWatch G is a fixed focus camera and normally also there is no need to adjust the aperture between various processes. However, some materials may require use of a different optical filter for best results. The filter can be easily replaced without opening the camera housing. SprayWatch G can also be provided with the mirror front piece for installation on the robot or spray gun for continuous monitoring.

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