SprayWatch 4s

SprayWatch 4s is the most sensitive of the SprayWatch family of systems and thus also the best choice for processes such as HVAF where the particles tend to be cooler and less visible.

The SprayWatch 4s camera also has manual focus and aperture controls on the back of the camera housing. SprayWatch 4s can also be delivered with fixed focus and aperture if used only in a single process or a few very similar processes. This will allow for the highest sensitivity measurement. It has the same improvements also as the SprayWatch 2s camera for shorter exposure times etc.

Standard model SprayWatch 4s is delivered with a straight front piece, which means the camera needs to be installed perpendicular to the spray plume and on the right side of the plume like the 2i standard and the 2s scientific cameras. However, if the customer wishes to install the camera on the robot with the gun for continuous monitoring of the process the camera can be delivered with a mirror front piece to allow for this mode of use.

SprayWatch 4s comes with completely new SprayWatch software with improved measurement algorithms.

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