SprayWatch 2s

SprayWatch 2s has replaced the earlier SprayWatch 2i scientific system. The new SprayWatch 2s camera is of the same size as the previous model, but because it uses a USB camera there is no longer need for the separate SprayWatch computer. The system comes with a USB-hub box including also the camera power supply to allow for longer cable length. From the USB box a single USB cable needs to be brought to the computer of customer’s choosing. It can be a desktop or laptop computer depending on customer preference. Using a laptop with the camera makes the system even more portable than the previous generation model.

SprayWatch 2s has the same features as the 2i standard system with remote control of the optics, but it has a higher resolution camera and comes with an optional lens to allow also for particle size measurement e.g. in plasma and arc spraying. SprayWatch 2s camera also needs to be installed perpendicular to the spray plume and on the right side of the plume.

The SprayWatch 2s camera uses a new novel optical filter system for improved particle temperature measurement. The camera is more sensitive and able to measure even cooler particle velocity and also can use much shorter exposure times to allow for improved particle detection especially in dense sprays typical when using smaller particle powders.

SprayWatch 2s comes with completely new SprayWatch software with improved measurement algorithms.

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