SprayWatch 2i

SprayWatch 2i standard system is the first SprayWatch system developed by Oseir for industrial as well as research users. The main characteristics are easy use with practically any thermal spray process and quick change from process to process as the camera has built in servo motors to remotely adjust the aperture and focus distance of the optics to allow a large variety of measuring conditions.

By adjusting the focus distance the measuring area can be easily chosen to match user’s requirements either to measure the whole spray plume width in a single step or to choose a smaller area of interest with more detail.

SprayWatch 2i standard has been designed based on the feedback from the customers to the early prototypes that were just too large and expensive to be successfully applied. SprayWatch 2i standard is easy to install in the booth in a convenient position for quick and accurate measurement to minimize time used for measurement and to maximize time used for production.

SprayWatch 2i standard system includes an industrial type SprayWatch computer and a basic laptop for user interface or the user can choose not to include the laptop but rather to use his own external display, keyboard and mouse.

SprayWatch 2i standard camera must always be installed perpendicular to the spray plume and on the right side of the plume.