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SprayWatch - the Most Advanced Family of Thermal Spray Sensors

SprayWatch thermal spray sensors give you a control over your thermal spray process by measuring particle and spray properties which directly affect the coating quality. By monitoring and controlling these parameters it is possible to achieve great cost saves through yield improvement, higher and more consistent quality and an optimized process.

SprayWatch 2S

for advanced control and development of thermal spray processes

SprayWatch 4S

compact and lightweight system for process monitoring and control

HiWatch - Diode Laser Illumination for High Speed Imaging

The HiWatch is an ideal instrument for non-intrusive imaging and diagnostics purposes due to adjustable sequence and number of pulses.

HiWatch Compact sheet

HiWatch Compact sheet laser unit was especially developed for cold particle velocity measurement. Its compact size and easy mounting on CCD camera unit makes positioning of the system to view the cold particle flow a breeze.

HiWatch Compact based integrated sensors: