Oseir is celebrating the 20th year of serving customers world wide with the best equipment for thermal spray diagnostics applications.
It all started at the Tampere University of Technology as a master’s thesis project around 1997 with a conference paper presented at ITSC1999 conference. The very good feedback after the presentation encouraged the group of researches involved to spin off a company to use the research results to develop a commercial product.

Oseir Ltd. also known as Oseir Oy was founded in August 1999. Starting at the university but soon moving into a new location.
The first generation SprayWatch system was quite big and complex due to the then available components used in the design. However, shortly after the launch of this first generation product and the feedback from potential customers that it needs to be smaller and less expensive new components became available and the new design brought the size and weight down to less than 1/5th and the price to about 1/3rd of the first generation design making the product easier to use and more marketable.
In 2001 the second generation SprayWatch 2i system was launched at ITSC2001 with another paper to explain the new technology and the improvements made.

After the ITSC2001 In fall 2001 more people joined Oseir and during year 2002 a distributor network was established to cover the global markets and sales activities were improved.
During the same time a new product family was developed to serve the diagnostic needs for cold particles like in cold gas coating process. Several other applications were also developed for this new product line.
During the years 2016 to 2018 a new generation was developed for both SprayWatch and HiWatch product families. With some new product launches during 2018 and at the upcoming ITSC2019.